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Posted: 24/11/2010, 00:00 - Tags: none
Make sure you check out the daily updates on the blog. Its full of fun


Just a quick blog to direct you to the League of their own footage shown on Sky One earlier this year featuring yours truly. I hope you enjoy follow this link I had a lot of fun shooting this.


The picture on this entry is the free download for your screen saver. If you contact Luke he will tell you how to download it and also what version you need for your blackberry, I Phone or Computer. Luke is the site Tech guy and will help you with any issues you have. He is great I am on the phone to him all the time asking him stupid questions.

Tomorrow is Thanks Giving so Happy Thanks Giving to all My American Friends I was there last year in New York I had an amazing time. Don’t forget be careful on Black Friday, America goes crazy on that day.





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