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Posted: 12/02/2012, 00:00 - Tags: none
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Hi as many of you know I help run a charity gym in a deprived area close to where I live. We are trying to get new equipment for the gym and if anyone would like to donate towards the fund I would be very grateful.
I will be happy to send out signed photos to anyone who wants to donate towards the gym. The gym is open to everyone and is a non profit making venture it is there to help youngsters and other people down on their luck to come and join a team environment and build their lives as well as their bodies.
Next week I am off to Manchester to train with Karl Tierney I will be popping into Powerzone (one of my sponsors) a weight training equipment manufacturer here in the UK who has very kindly offered to help me with the Gym update plans.
Hope you enjoy the picture from my latest fun shoot.



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