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Posted: 25/04/2010, 00:00 - Tags: none
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Wow! Brussels is such a beautiful city. I really did not know much about the city of Brussels before this tour. I was blown away by the stunning buildings. Beautiful churches and catherdrals are scattered around the city, you walk down a side street and as you come out of the end of the street you are overwhelmed by a huge beautiful catherdaral. The architecture is amazing even more so when you realise they were built hundreds of years ago. You ignore the cars in the street and you can go back in time.

I managed to find a great gym in Brussels called The American Gym. It is a huge town house converted into a great gym with nice heavy duty equipment. The owner has put in suspended floors which are made from metal grids so you can see up and down through the floors of the gym. I did not realise this at first. I was upstairs doing Tricep push downs, Obviously I was lifting heavy as usual and my body was tensing and relaxing as the strain came on and off during the rep. I soon realised I was being watched from below. A small crowd had appeared below watching my arse cheeks tighten up in my tight shorts. As I finished my set i looked down and they all scattered like mice from a trap. I did giggle to myself, I know I look abit intimidating in the gym only because I am focused on what i am doing. So i can come across as abit of a moody bitch. I did make it upto them though chatting to many of them after my training session over a nice protien shake.

I wonder if next time I am in town they will let me do a naked photo shoot for the site, I think the suspended floors will create some great angles for photoshoots. Or even better a sexy training video!

Germany Tomorrow for FIBO Europes biggest fitness expo





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