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Wet Pussy Custom

Wanking off with a fan on cam dreaming of his big sexy black cock deep in my pussy. You can see just how wet it gets me! [ read more ]

Posted: 10/01/2022, 14:10 - Tags: 2020 | onlyfans private

Night Out Attire

Little video of me dressed up and explaining what I wear and more importantly what I don't wear. [ read more ]

Posted: 03/01/2022, 14:40 - Tags: fbb | female muscle | big clit | onlyfans private | 2021 | upskirt

Size Matters

Just love showing off my huge clit [ read more ]

Posted: 31/12/2021, 18:32 - Tags: topless | big clit | 2021

Bad Boy

How my alter ego Mistress Borgia treats a bad boy [ read more ]

Posted: 30/12/2021, 18:31 - Tags: mistress borgia | 2021

Symbian Fucking

Little cheeky treat watch me fuck my Symbian doll reverse cowboy [ read more ]

Posted: 27/12/2021, 12:20 - Tags: fbb | female muscle | porn | topless | nude naked | bareback | big clit | 2021

Merry Christmas

Thought this looked very Christmassy. Merry Christmas everyone xxx [ read more ]

Posted: 23/12/2021, 16:28 - Tags: female muscle | 2021

Huge BBC Strap on

POV video dominating you with my BBC Strap On Cock. You can help but get hard watching me wondering what I am going to do to you with all this power and huge cock [ read more ]

Posted: 08/12/2021, 19:15 - Tags: fbb | female muscle | topless | nude naked | strap on | domination | futanari | onlyfans private | 2021

Old Bra

After having my boobs done bigger I tried on an old Bra to see how much bigger I was. You can see yourself I spillover this bra now [ read more ]

Posted: 02/12/2021, 22:14 - Tags: 2021 | boob job

Hairy Pussy

Special little video to update you on your British Muscle Babe and my new big boobs. While I have been recovering I have also grown my pussy hair by request. So here you can see British Muscle Babe's huge new tits and hairy wet pussy as I make myself cum with my vibrator!!!! Remember there is o only one original British Muscle Babe. [ read more ]

Posted: 30/11/2021, 19:07 - Tags: fbb | topless | nude naked | big clit | onlyfans private | 2021 | muscle pussy | boob job | hairy pussy

Big Boobs Red Dress

Cant wait to wear this dress out and show off my new deep clevage [ read more ]

Posted: 29/11/2021, 20:36 - Tags: fbb | modelling | 2021 | boob job

Big and Horny

Recuperating and relaxing after my boob job. Just feeling them out and loving how hyper sensitive my nipples are. [ read more ]

Posted: 23/11/2021, 19:52 - Tags: topless | 2021

Lick My Pussy

Could you make me cum licking my pussy and flicking my clit with your tongue while I talk dirty to you. Im so big ripped and horny. I want to make your cock as hard and pumped as me before you cum all over my huge muscle [ read more ]

Posted: 22/11/2021, 21:31 - Tags: fbb | topless | nude naked | wanking | big clit | onlyfans private | 2021

Measure My new Boobs

Another new big boob update for you. As you can see the tape is hitting 47 inches and thats with out me flexing due to the stitches still being in. Once I can train and flex Im going to be over 50 inch chest. So look forward to more huge muscle big tit fun in 2022 [ read more ]

Posted: 18/11/2021, 18:20 - Tags: fbb | female muscle | topless | nude naked | modelling | 2021 | boob job

The Big Reveal

Last week I went into hospital to get my boobs done bigger. I am happy to bring you the big reveal of my new bigger boobs to match my growing muscles. xxx [ read more ]

Posted: 17/11/2021, 21:37 - Tags: topless | modelling | 2021 | boob job

Sexy slow hot wank

Upclose pussy masturbation. Watch my huge clit vibrate as I touch it with my powerful wand. Wank your hot sexy cock as if you are just about to slip inside my wet pussy and empty your big sticky load into me. [ read more ]

Posted: 06/11/2021, 20:46 - Tags: fbb | female muscle | porn | topless | nude naked | big clit | 2021 | muscle pussy

London Session Fun

In my hotel in London waiting to meet fans for my legendary famous erotic muscle worship sessions. I though I would make a little teaser video so you can see what you are missing xxx [ read more ]

Posted: 03/11/2021, 14:38 - Tags: female muscle | porn | topless | nude naked | big clit | muscle worship sessions | 2021

Giantess Futinari

Continuing our Halloween weekend what could be more scary than your giant mistress armed with an enormous strap on [ read more ]

Posted: 30/10/2021, 17:23 - Tags: female muscle | mistress borgia | strap on | domination | dildo | futanari | 2021

Happy Halloween

Crawling up the stairs to come see you in the bedroom for your Halloween TREAT! [ read more ]

Posted: 29/10/2021, 19:10 - Tags: female muscle | topless | nude naked | big clit | 2021 | butt plug | anal

VR site is Live

Just had this review
I watched the VR clips properly and I’m about to explode! They make you want to reach out and touch, lick, kiss everything. It’s all in your face, popping out of the screen, literally want to bite your nipples, it’s bloody amazing 🔥🔥🔥 [ read more ]

Posted: 29/10/2021, 14:41 - Tags: 2021

Riding 9 inch Sybian doll

Thought I would share this naughty private video on my blog with you guys xxx [ read more ]

Posted: 25/10/2021, 13:27 - Tags: fbb | porn | topless | nude naked | dildo | fucked | onlyfans private | 2021

Worship at the altar of my alter ego Mistress Borgia and submit to your wildest, darkest desires. Worship at the altar of my alter ego Mistress Borgia and submit to your wildest, darkest desires.

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