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Amber comes back to the room annoyed she has heard a rumour Lisa had trained with another women. Amber confronts Lisa and is enraged. She attacks Lisa and shows her who is boss. For once Lisa plays the sub in a relationship. Enjoy this erotic violent shoot

Lisa and Denise Preview | Join NOW for more HOT videos like this

Lisa is in trouble as Denise finds out she has been playing with her toys. Watch as Denise shows Lisa just how good her toys can feel!!!

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There are videos featuring 14 FBB inside, isn't that where you would rather be, inside with Lisa and her friends.

boxercise pt2 | 14th July 2014 | Length: 3m 55s

More punch fun with Domanatria. The gloves come off so we can really get hold of him. Watch out for the bit when I take my glove off and bounce it off his head it makes me laugh so hard what a pussy!

fat bottom girls | 11th July 2014 | Length: 6m 53s

Bonus video of me training Ham and Glutes. I know you just love a big butt xxx

boxercise pt1 | 08th July 2014 | Length: 5m 3s

I get together with my good friend Dominatria. She sets me up with a nice cardio work out I am sure you will enjoy this. There is plenty more to come with Dom xxx

ex boyfriend chronicles 14 | 02nd July 2014 | Length: 33m 33s

From my ex boyfriends collection. These remind me of what a randy bastard he was. Very persuasive though getting me to shoot all these sexy dirty videos for him. Funny who knew at the time I would become a porn star and share these early videos with all my fans.

ex boyfriend chronicles 15 | 01st July 2014 | Length: 4m 28s

Another video from my dirty ex boyfriend. He just loved watching me play with my huge clit!

soaped up | 25th June 2014 | Length: 5m 49s

Lisa takes a shower with her sexy friend Rita Sargo. Watch as the ladies wash away all the stress from the day in this very sexy shower shoot.

hanging leg raises | 23rd June 2014 | Length: 1m 50s

Another bonus training video. Hanging leg raises hard exercise to perfect. Lisa xxx

lisa dominates | 18th June 2014 | Length: 24m 11s

You will love this as my alter ego Mistress Borgia barkes the orders out to my 2 subs. This was shot on three separate angles most companies would cut and edit it together taking parts out I have insisted you get the full version from all three angles as you deserve no less.

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